Real Time Ultrasound

RTUS-1Real-time Ultrasound Imaging (RTU) is a quick, non-invasive biofeedback tool used by physiotherapists in the assessment and retraining of specific muscles in the body. Using an ultrasound probe (similar to that used during pregnancy), RTU provides dynamic, real time images of a muscle contraction, assisting the patient to understand the anatomy, visualise a correct/incorrect muscle contraction, improve the timing of muscle contraction and improve motivation and confidence in their home exercise program.

RTU is increasingly being used in the rehabilitation of lower back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and the retraining of muscles around the knee, shoulder and hip.
Muscles that are commonly imaged and assessed include:

  • transverse abdominus
  • pelvic floor
  • multifidus
  • rectus abdominus and linea alba

More recently, physiotherapists are also using RTU in the retraining of

  • gluteus medius
  • upper/lower trapezius
  • VMO

Many people struggle to activate these muscles correctly as they lie deep under the surface of the skin. RTU is effective in providing valuable feedback on the quality and timing of the contraction thus optimising retraining and reducing dysfunction.

Physiotherapists at Karrinyup Physiotherapy may use the RTU as part of your treatment and rehabilitation program as required.